Open for Member Play:
7 days per week: 6:00am – 10:00pm

Staff Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 11am- 10pm

Friday: 11pm-10pm

Saturday: 10am – 10pm

Sunday: 11am – 7pm

Member enjoyment of club facilities and events are priority number one.
The club reservation policy is as follows:
How much time can you reserve per day? 1 hour per member or guest in the group.

How far in advance can you make a reservation? 7 days

How can you reserve more time?
Members can combine their daily hours for longer advance bookings.
Each guest can add 1 hour to your advance booking.

1 member can book 1 hour in advance.

2 members playing together can book 2 hours in advance.
1 member and 1 guest can book 2 hours in advance.

3 members playing together can book 3 hours.
1 member and 2 guests can book 3 hours in advance

Note: The same guest cannot benefit from more than 1 free guest hour per day.

Can I make more than one reservation per day?
Yes. Our policy allows members who have already enjoyed playtime earlier in the day to reserve additional playtime sessions to ensure that no playtime goes unused. These additional reservations must be made on the same day and are subject to the condition that they can be booked no more than 2 hours before the intended start time. For clarity, this means that a member wishing to reserve a playtime slot for 6pm must make the reservation no earlier than 4pm on the same day. This policy aims to optimize the utilization of our playtime resources while providing fairness and flexibility to our members.

Members can keep playing beyond their 1 hour booking limitation if there are no other bookings immediately following theirs.

All efforts will be made to accommodate members who would like to extend their playing time beyond the first hour.

After the first hour, Guests fees are applied for play time no matter the status of bookings to follow yours.

Members are encouraged to entertain guests at The Hideout Golf Club.

Members are responsible for the actions of their guests, including unaccompanied guests. Guests should be made aware of The Hideout’s expectations and policies prior to visiting

Guest fees are structured as follows:
1st hour– Free for member and their guests
Additional Hours– $25 per hour
Unaccompanied Guests- $100 per hour

The first hour of a reservation for will not be charged a guest fee. For each subsequent hour after the first hour, a guest fee will be applied. The fee will be applied, whether the guest was present for the first hour of the reservation or not.  The same guest cannot benefit from more than one free guest hour per day.

Guest fees are charged at the time of booking. Additional hours will be billed by the staff onsite.

Members and their guests are welcome to use the club facilities starting at 6am daily.

Please don’t go behind the bar during the hours that staff members aren’t present.

Monthly dues are processed on the first of each month via checking account transfer.

Incidental charges at are reconciled at the end of each day.

The comfort station is provided for the times when the club staff isn’t present.
Please complete the provided form with the items you consume.

Payment will be collected via card on file or invoice.

Loaner clubs are made available for you and your guests at no charge.

Parking at Sylvan Supply
Parking at Sylvan Supply is free for the first 2 hours.

It is possible to subvert the system by leaving the parking lot prior to the end of your original 2 hours and then reenter the lot to park again.
Parking on 42nd street is also free.

Parking at 8th Ave:
Parking is free at the 8th Ave Clubhouse. Please be courteous to the other businesses park on the north side of the parking lot near the club’s front door first.