Letter from the Founder

Sneaking in a quick round is a fairy tale for most of us these days. Enjoying a round can take considerable time and effort. When you consider the time spent traveling to the course, the hours spent on the course and the trip back home from the course, it’s a wonder any of us ever have time to play, not to mention the demands of work and life that may pile up while we’re away.

Not only do you need time to play, you need good weather and daylight. In the winter, the days are short and the temperatures are low. In the summer, sometimes it’s just too hot to play or practice. Solving these issues is at the core of our mission. The Hideout Golf Club offers an experience similar to belonging to a private golf club, while convenient, efficient and weather proof.

When all these factors align and a clear path to play or practice arrives, good play and improvement make the game even more enjoyable. Unfortunately for many, trips to the course and range often feel like they don’t accomplish anything. There’s even a good chance the range session will hurt more than it helps. How frustrating. Practice should make you better, not worse. It should be encouraging. Not frustrating. With that in mind, The Hideout will feature a Profectus Academy location on site. Their PGA instructors utilize the same technology as our golf simulators. Lessons and practice will both provide clear feedback on every shot. Instruction and practice will flow together seamlessly.

Lastly and most importantly, The Hideout is a community of golfers. A place for all those who have a deep, passionate love for the game to congregate, play and plan their next round together.

We hope that if this all sounds good that you will consider joining us in building this golf community.